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June 14, 2020

Yomovies- With the rise of the technology and internet the world has changed tremendously. People from all around the world are closer to each other now than ever before. This tremendous change in the world is because of the internet. The internet and the world wide web are the two most important things that are contributing to a very large scale in society. Now people can talk to each other due to this and now they can even see each other on the internet with the help of various technologies. Now, this technology has been deployed in various fields like education, security, welfare, and many others as well. But the most significant use of this technology is seen in the entertainment world.

For us, humans entertainment is very important. From the very start of human civilization, we have developed many ways to entertain ourselves. In the initial days, we used to watch the plays in the theaters and halls. But with the technology, these theaters turned into cinema halls and play became movies. Now people from all around the world watch movies and T.V. shows on the screen. Here also the technology is evolving the domain and bringing some big changes. Nowadays people don’t even have to go to the cinemas and theater halls because that content is available on their mobile devices. People these days are now just one click away from their favorite content and movies. There are many services available in the online world that allows you to watch your favorite movies.

Most of the services are premium so first, you have to pay them some amount of money then only they will allow you to watch the content. Some of these services are namely Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video, etc. But other than these services there are other websites as well that allow you to watch and download the movies for free. Most of these websites are not legal. So in this article will talk about a website named yomovies.

Yomovies Bollywood and Hindi Movies

When it comes to watching movies and T.V. shows then there are tow types of people. First type of people always goes to watch it by paying for it. And the second type of person never wants to pay for this premium content. They just want to enjoy those movies and T.V. shows for free, therefore they are always in search on services that can provide them this facility. For such people yomovies is a website that they use. This website provides the latest Hindi or I should say bollywood movies. There are many people who visit this website for downloading and watching movies.

This website is actually an illegal website that uploads the Bollywood Hindi movies. The government of India has blocked multiple domains of this website in the past and have asked people not to use it. But still this website is operational by using different technologies and methods. Websites like yomovies are considered as illegal movie piracy website and piracy of movies is banned in India and several other countries as well. Readers are advised to stay away from such websites and always choose some legal methods to download the movies.

Apart from being illegal, there are many privacy threats when you visit the yomovies website. I will talk about this topic in the later part of the article so read the article carefully till the end. I will also tell you about some safe ways to download your favorite movies. By using those ways you will never get in any trouble. This article is going to be very informative so stick to the article till the end.

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Yomovies Website

Yomovies website is visited by hundreds and thousands of people monthly. Actually these type of websites gets huge no. of visitors on them within just a few months. Whereas on the other hand there are some websites that are posting good quality blog posts but can’t get enough traffic. Such people are always curious about the reason why websites like yomovies get this much traffic very easily. So I will try to explain it to you that under this heading. First of all, let me clear that there are several reasons why these types of websites are so much famous. Generally, all the websites like yomovies use the same tactics to get famous and popular, so I will present those points in front of on a general basis.

I analyzed these websites by analytic tools and then I can to these conclusions. So these are my personal opinion and this is just I am telling you what I found on the internet. You can also check the information by yourself as well by just clicking on the internet.

Yo Movies Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movie industry is one of the most iconic movie industries in the world. This industry was established in 1930 in Mumbai and later became one of the most viewed movie industries around the world. In the starting days, there were only black and white silent movies produced in the industry. But as technology came, they also started making the colored movies with sounds. Bollywood mainly produces Hindi movies, it can also be called as the Hindi movie industry. This industry is one of the many regional language movie industries in India. But as we know that many people in India and around the world understand Hindi so they are more popular than others.

Therefore we can see that Bollywood movies nearly have millions of potential viewers on the basis of the Hindi speaking population. Therefore Hindi or Bollywood movies receive so much of the audience whenever they are released in the theaters. People just rush towards the cinema halls and theaters to watch the movies of their favorite movie stars. All this huge audience makes Bollywood movies a potential target for these movie piracy websites. Therefore we have seen that many Bollywood movies were leaked in recent times on the websites like yomovies.

Due to these movie leakes by yomovies and other similar websites moviemakers has to face a lot of loss in the revenue.

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Yo Movies Online Streaming

Just like many other movie websites this website also provides an online streaming feature. Many people nowadays don’t like to download the movies on their system because it takes a lot of storage space from the mobile phone. Also as we know that services like Netflix and amazon prime provide the users with an option to stream the content online. In recent times we have seen that the trend of streaming the movies online is increasing. So the people these days are more likely to watch the movies online then downloading. This is the reason why yo movies online streaming feature is added to it. This feature is encoded by the admins of the website to attract more and more audience to the website and to make out of it. So this is the tactic that these movie piracy websites are using these days.

Users of Yomovies

The main cause of yomovies website’s popularity is the way that this website targets its users. People use this website extensively to download the movies and other available content on it. I will tell you in this paragraph that how these piracy movie websites target their users and their mentality. We will understand this situation through an example. Suppose that you go to a market to buy a pair of shoes. You walk inside a branded shoe store and you choose a pair there that you like. At that store, you are getting the shoes for $200 price. Now choose to try some other shops as well who are selling shoes.

Then you walk into another shop which selling the same looking non branded pair for $80. The pair looks just the same as the branded one but the quality of that pair can never match that of the branded shoes. That pair of shoes is actually a copy of the original shoes in terms of design. Now you have to make a choice. Many people will buy the original and branded pair of shoes. Because those shoes are more reliable and a person can use them for a longer time.

But on the other hand, there will be some people who will still buy a copy pair and a cheap pair of shoes. Although those shoes will never give them an experience like the original ones they will still use buy them because they are cheap and looks exactly like the original one. The same goes for the people who watch pirated movies. These people also know that the pirated movies will never give them the experience of watching the movie in theaters. But they will still watch these low-quality movies because they are getting it for free. But here let me make it very clear. Using the copy item of the original can be a punishable offense. So if you take my advice then always use only the original products and always watch original print movies in by paying for them.

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Yomovies- Privacy Issues

Apart from being illegal these types of website can also post a greater threat to our privacy. We will talk about those threats and issues that can affect you if you visit websites like yomovies. Now let me make it very clear that I don’t find any complaint related to privacy for such websites. All I am going to tell you is my personal opinion. So take it like that only and always do some research from you side to find out the reason.

When you visit a normal website then you will always find a privacy policy page. On that page the website is supposed to tell you what they do with the data that they collect from you. Now you must be wondering that I haven’t given them any data so let me explain it to you. Everytime you visit a website a website then that website might put some cookies into your browser. These cookies are actually some tags that tracks your activites on that website. Then that data is used for marketing purpose and also to provide you better experience when next time you visit the website. So the website tells about that collect data n the privacy policy page.

But when you visit a website like yomovies then they don’t even have a privacy policy page. It means that you don’t even know what they are going to do with your data. I think this can be big issue for the people who are concerned about their privacy.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.