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July 7, 2020

Movies4me- Movies are one of the best ways of entertainment. Everybody from all over the world like to watch movies and other screenplays. Movies are not a very old concept it’s just about 100 odd years old concept. But this type of entertainment activities is used by humans for a very long time. In the old times, people used to watch the theaters and other forms of plays, and this way they used to get entertained. But with the changing technology, everything started changing very rapidly. Now as we can see that technology is influencing the entertainment world to a very great extend. With the help of this technology, only the old day’s theater was replaced by the movie theaters. People started watching movies more as compared to the plays.

In the initial days, movies were silent and black & white. But slowly the movies adopted technology and became colorful with sounds. What we see now is a completely different form of movies and shows. Truly the movie and entertainment industry has come a long way. In those old days, people used to stand outside the cinema halls to get tickets. There were long ques outside the cinema halls for the ticket. Not everyone used to get the tickets due to rush. But now things have changed and people can watch their favorite movies by sitting at their homes.

There are many OTT platforms available on the web that provide premium content. It makes it very easy for movie lovers to watch their favorite content. People just have to pay for the subscription and then they can enjoy their favorite content. Apart from these paid services, there are also websites like movies4me. So in this article, we will talk about the movies4me website.

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Movies4me Bollywood Movies

As I have discussed in the previous part of this article the movies4me website provides the latest movies. And most importantly movies4me website provides these movies without any cost. It means people don’t have to pay them to download movies from there. Whereas in most of the OTT platforms people has to pay money to watch the content. Whenever new movie releases then people want to watch that movie. But before going to people go to the theaters to watch the movie they try to get some knowledge about it. So in order to do that people start asking their queries on google and various other platforms. Therefore we witness a boom of queries related to those movies online. But not everybody at that time is doing just queries some also want to download that movie.

Such people do not want to pay for the tickets or any other service to watch the movie. They just want that premium content for free so they search for the way of doing that. And many of them land on movies4me and other similar websites. And from this movies4me website, they download those movies.

But most of these people don’t know the reality of the movies4me website. Actually the movies4me website is an illegal movie piracy website that leaks the latest movies. After leaking those movies movies4me website uploads that movies on their website. The government considers movies4me types of websites illegal so they are banned in India. I will also ask you to never use any such website to download movies.

Technical Overview of the Movies4me

For every website, its technical aspect is the most important part that it can have. Because most of the operations f a website depends on its technical part. Straight from the speed of the website to the performance, everything depends on the technicalities. People generally do not understand the importance of this part. they think that designing is the most important thing on the website. So they also focus more on that only but my friends the performance of the website is more important than its layout and look an feel. And for the website like movies4me, it is even more important to be technically strong because the government is very alert about such websites. They are always looking for such a website like movies4me that is doing piracy. And as soon as they find them they just block them straight away.

The main motive of the law enforcement agencies is to find the real owner of the website. But the owners of movies4me and other websites use very high-end technology to hide. Therefore it becomes very difficult for the agencies to find the website’s owner. So that’s why they firstly block the domain of the website. This way agencies stop the people from downloading that content. This is the only thing that they can do at that very point in time. There are several technologies that help these people to hide from the agencies. But let me assure you one thing that there is no technology that can save you forever. The government has arrested some people in the past who were also running the piracy websites named Tamilrockers.

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Servers Info

It is the most important and the largest technical part of any website. People generally don’t understand what is a server. Because in the normal day to day talk people also call it hosting. The word hosting is very familiar to the people as normal people understand this very well. You have to understand one thing that if I was talking about the most important technical part then servers or hosting makes 90% of it. Because of the speed and performance of the website depends on it to a very large extend. There are many setting in the server that decides the performance of the website. To develop a website server is the most important and first thing that you need.

So this also a very important thing for the website like movies4me. Because they use the technology of the servers io hide their location. Tracing a normal server is very easy these days. You can just take the URL of the website and find its location with the help of some tools. But with websites like movies4me, it is not that easy as their server location can’t be found with the help of normal tools. It takes highly skilled IT professionals for doing that. And even they have to struggle a lot to find the location of the movies4me website. The server is also known as the powerhouse of the website as all the files are stored here. It is like the backend storage of the website where all the related files are stored.

There are many types of servers available in the marketing according to the needs. People choose servers according to their needs and use them.

Domains of Movies4me

After the server domains are the most important part of a website. Actually when the website is fully developed and designed then domain comes to play. It helps the website to reach more and more people. A domain name of a website is like the introduction of the website in very few words. It also helps in the branding of the website and its services. Therefore since domain plays such an important role so brands choose them very wisely. But here the situation with websites like movies4me is different. Because governments consider these websites like movies4me as illegal so they buy domain under a strategy. These websites use the domain as a part of their strategy to dodge the actions of the government.

When the government finds the movies4me and other similar websites so they block them. But the owners of this movies4me website relaunch the website with a new domain. And within a few days, they start ranking high on their target keywords as well. Actually there are several domain extensions available for a single domain name. So the owners on these types of websites try to buy the maximum domain extension for their domain name. They only change the domain extension of the domain and keep the rest domain unchanged. This helps them to attract the users back to the website that previously used to visit it.

Popularity of the Website

When it comes to popularity then movies4me website is really very popular online. there are hundreds and thousands of people using the movies4me website every month. Now you people might be wondering how I came to know about this. So when I was doing some research on the movies4me website then I came to know about this. I used some tools during my research and those tools also gave me a better idea. Movies4me is not a new website because the government has banned several domains of it in the past. And people are also searching the name of this website for a very long time. This makes it very clear that movies4me is not a new website. There are several reasons for the popularity of this website. So I will try to tell you why the movies4me website is so popular according to me.

Movies4me Bollywood Movies

Movies4me is such a website that provides Bollywood movies for download. Many people visit movies4me to download and watch Bollywood movies. Bollywood movie industry is one of the most industries in the world. People from all around the world watch Bollywood movies. It is also known as the Hindi movie industry because Hindi movies are produced here. In recent times Bollywood movies have also gained international attention. So they have acquired a huge international audience as well. When any new Bollywood movie releases then the whole internet world is flooded with queries related to that movie.

People want to know everything about the movie and many people also want to download the movies as well. So such type of people visit websites like movies4me to download movies. Which I think is absolutely wrong because producers invest a lot of money in movies. And apart from producers, there are several artists whose carrier depends on these movies. And when people watch movies from piracy websites like movies4me then everybody related to the movie has to bear losses. So everybody should watch the movies only in the theater, not from the websites like movies4me.

Is this Website Legal?

I have made this thing very clear in the starting that movies4me website is not at all legal. Movies4me is a movie piracy website and piracy of movies is illegal in India and many other countries. Therefore the government of India has blocked this website and has also asked its citizens not to use this website. I will also suggest you not use this website and always use the right methods to download movies.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.