Kuttymovies 2020: Kuttymovies Tamil Movies Download Website Online 300mb Movies, Is it Legal?

July 24, 2020

Kuttymovies – Movies are the best way to entertain ourselves. People from all over the world like to watch movies and shows. There are people who are just mad about movies. I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t;t like to watch movies. People love to watch different types of movies and shows. These types sometimes depend on the mood of the person and sometimes on the choice. People also like thriller movies and sometimes they will also watch romantic movies.

But the love for movies remains constant every time. The majority of people like to watch movies because they just want to relax while watching movies. But sometimes watching movies is also a part to spend some time with family and friends. Everybody these days is very much busy with their day to day schedule. They hardly find any time to spend with their loved ones.

So these days whenever people can sometimes so they go to watch movies. Movies are the best to spend time with your loved ones. Because these movies are usually long and you get enough time. Whereas as compared to other things watching movies together is preferred by most people. There are many types of movies that release every year that are liked by people. People can watch these movies using different types of mediums.

These mediums include theaters and other digital platforms. But these days as a trend people are preferring digital platforms over the theaters. People are visiting websites and using different apps to watch movies and content. Most of these websites and apps are OTT platforms. But there are also some websites like Kuttymovies. So today we will talk about this Kuttymovies website only in this article. Hundreds and thousands of people are using this website on a regular basis.

Kuttymovies Collection

Kuttymovies Collection Online Website

As I said that people want to watch movies and for that, they have different options. These options include different things like theaters and digital OTT platforms. But most of these digital OTT platforms and even theaters charge some money for the movies. If you want to watch the movies then you have to pay them some amount. I think their charges are absolutely justified because they are doing business But some people don’t want to watch movies by paying some money. They just want to watch the movies for free.

Now here the problems start arising as there is hardly any website that is legal and provides the latest movies for free. Many people start searching for such services and they land on websites like kuttymovies. Kuttymovies is a website that provides the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and other movies for download for free. You will find that the kuttymovies website doesn’t charge you anything if you want to use its services.

These services are absolutely free and there is no cost required for it. But when I heard about this website so it was really shocking for me. I mean cloud;t digest the fact that how this kuttymovies website can provide movies for free. So I started doing some research on my behalf and find something that was really shocking. I found that the kuttymovies is not a legal website and it is a movie piracy website. Therefore this way the kuttymovies website is providing the premium content for free. The government of India and many other countries have also banned many websites like kuttymovies and asked people not to use them. But as we know that in this era it is very difficult to ban or block something. That’s why today also there are many websites like kuttymovies still operating.

Domains of Kuttymovies Website

Domains of a website are very important as they are a very important part of the website. Whenever people start a new website then they always look for domain names first. Because the domain name is like the face of the website. If a website doesn’t have a domain name that suits its niche then it can be quite confusing for the people. People often get confused if the domain name is unable to paint an image of the website.

Therefore all the brands focus on having a good domain name. All the brands use their website domain as a very important part of their branding strategy. They want to make a good image of their brand in people’s minds. All the legit brands use domain names as part of long term strategy. But here the case with the kuttymovies and other similar piracy websites is a bit different.

Although these websites like kuttymovies also use domains as a part of their strategy but in a different way. So as we know that kuttymovies are an illegal movie piracy website and leak the movies. Therefore whenever the government finds such websites then they immediately block the domains of the website. The same is done to the kuttymovies website’s domains therefore you see many of its domains are blocked.

But as I said that it is not easy to block anything in this age of technology. Therefore kuttymovies website’s admins have also found a way to dodge these actions from the government. Since there are many domain extensions available for a single domain name. So these owners of websites like kuttymovies try to buy the maximum domain extensions for their domain name.

So whenever government blocks any such website domain they relaunch the website using different domain extensions. This way the websites like kuttymovies continue their operations. Here it is also very difficult for the authorities to identify such a website and block them immediately. The following are some of the domains of these websites which are blocked by the government. Now you will not be able to see anything on these domains as they are blocked.

Blocked Domains of the kuttymovies website

There are several domains of this website that are blocked. I found these domains in the tools that I was using for my research. From my analysts, one thing is confirmed that kuttymovies are not a new website but it is an old website. Because the government has blocked many domains of this website in the past. But the admins of the kuttymovies website still manage to run it by misusing technology.

There are many factors that keep websites like kuttymovies alive. Otherwise, they might be closed a long time ago. But the government seems to be putting their full efforts but the people who use piracy websites like kuttymovies don’t seem to be stoping it. There are still people who are using this website as anything. So they should also understand that it is an illegal website. Nobody should support such websites and they should never use websites like this.

Below I am listing some of the blocked domains of the kuttymovies website. These domains are most probably blocked by the government. Because blocking a domain is the simplest thing that the government can do to stop such activities.

Kuttymovies net

Kuttymovies com

Kuttymovies in

Kuttymovies collection

Kuttymovies co

Kuttymovies in net

Kuttymovies info

Kuttymovies me

Now if you try to open most of these domains then you will find a notice. So basically in that notice they are saying that this domain of kuttymovies is blocked under a complaint from the government department. So this makes it very clear that this website is illegal and blocked many times by the government.

Similar websites like Kuttymovies

As we all know that Kuttymovies is a great website to download any movie for free. But on the other hand, it is illegal too. So it is possible that someday when you visit Kuttymovies and you land on a black page.

So it is better to have an alternate of Kuttymovies, Below I have mentioned some of those alternatives:-


The server is also a very important thing on the website. Actually it is the server only that manages most of the things on the website. If the servers are not working fine then the website will also not do good. And if the servers are doing fine then it means the website is also doing good. The server is the most technical part of the website. Be it any simple website or a complicated website these servers are always the most technical part of it. The performance and speed of the website depend on the server only. If the servers are good then they can easily handle high traffic. But if they are not good then it is difficult for them to handle the traffic.

So now you might have understood what is the importance of the servers. But for websites like kuttymovies, these servers are even more important. This is the main technology that saves this website from authorities. Because these websites use such high-end servers that are difficult to trace for authorities. There are many types of servers available in the market according to need. And some of these servers are really very highly configurated. Such types of servers are mostly used by a website like kuttymovies. Simple servers can be traced by anybody very easily. But these high-end servers are very difficult to trace. Therefore these piracy websites mainly use these type of servers to host their websites.

Legal alternatives of Kuttymovies

You have to know that using Kuttymovies is not safe because it might harm your privacy. But the good news is that there are some legal alternatives available in the market. However, you have to pay a little amount of money for these alternatives. Some alternatives are mentioned below:- 

Popularity of Kuttymovies

I told you this in the very starting of the article that kuttymovies are a very famous website. There are many people who use this website from all over the world. Around half a million people search the name of this website every month. Most of the people who use the kuttymovies website are from India. Because this website mainly involved in the leak of south Indian movies. So people from India are the ones who use this website the most. This website uploads various movies from different languages. So people from all around the world also visit it. So under this heading, we are going to talk about the kuttymovies website in a little deeper. So stay tuned with the article till the end.

Some other domain and extensions used by Kuttymovies

  • Kuttymovies mik
  • Kuttymovies koi
  • Kuttymovies uji
  • Kuttymovies sdr
  • Kuttymovies huj
  • Kuttymovies jip
  • Kuttymovies srf
  • Kuttymovies xds
  • Kuttymovies ghy
  • Kuttymovies bsh

Second list of domains and extensions used by Kuttymovies

  • Kuttymovies jte
  • Kuttymovies bhs
  • Kuttymovies bsg
  • Kuttymovies srt
  • Kuttymovies max
  • Kuttymovies sty
  • Kuttymovies se
  • Kuttymovies tre
  • Kuttymovies ser
  • Kuttymovies aew

Tamil Movies

Tamil movies the biggest target of websites like kuttymovies. These days it has become very common to see a Tamil movie leaked on some website. Tamil movies have a huge fan and viewer base not only in India but around the world. People from all over the world watch Tamil movies. Tamil movie industry is also known as one of the most epic movie industries in the world. This industry is one of the most popular industries in India. The majority of people who watch Tamil movies are the die heart fans of some Tamil artists.

Some times they would even watch a movie just to see their favorite star in it. Despite all this love for Tamil movies and their stars people still use websites like kuttymovies to download movies. Actually, if you love a movie star then you must show your support to them by watching their movies in theaters. But if you download the movies from piracy websites then it is quite discouraging for the artist.

So you should always choose the right way to download the movies. And if you like any movie star then you must show your support by paying for their movies and then watch them. There are many services available online that provide the Bollywood movies and those services are legal as well.

Is Kuttymovies Website Legal?

I have made this point very clear in the starting only that kuttymovies is an illegal website. Because this website promotes piracy and piracy is banned in India. Piracy is an unlawful practice in India and most other countries. So the government has also asked people many times not to use these types of websites. Actually the content which shared in these types of piracy website is copyrighted.

And kuttymovies has no right to post this content on their website. Because if anybody wants to distribute the content then they must be having the legal permissions for it. In the case of movies, the copyrights of the movie are with the producers. So people have to take their permission first. But since kuttymovies and other similar websites don’t take permissions so they are considered as illegal.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.