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July 2, 2020

Jio Rockers – The technology has changed the humankind forever. There are always new progress and development in the field of technology. Today we can see that technology is in every part of human life. In some places, it has made human life easier whereas in some places it has created complications. But it is growing immensely because it is the need of time. The entertainment industry is also changing and adapting due to technology. Here it has mainly contributed to the moviemaking and production of the movie. It provides a whole new experience for the people to watch and enjoy the movie. 3D and 7D are examples of the biggest developments of technology in this area. You should also witness this development in the movie industry in terms of releasing the movies. Because now many movies are also released on digital platforms like OTT apps.

Some time ago things were very different and we’re not like this. People had to stand in long ques and wait for their turn to get tickets. And many times everybody standing in those lines couldn’t get the tickets due to rush. But now with the help of technology people can watch their favorite content by sitting at their place only. There are many OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime video which provide the latest movies and shows to watch. People just have to download their apps on mobile phones and then they are ready to use them. You just have to buy a plan that suits your required and you are all set to watch the movies.

But at the same time, there are websites like Jio Rockers which provides those movies for free without any cost. So today in this article we are going to discuss jio rockers website because it very famous online. Many people use the jio rockers website to download movies from all around the world.

Jio rockers Telugu Movies

Jio Rockers Telugu Movies Website Overview

These Jio rockers are used by roughly over a million people from all around the world. These are the average monthly visitors on jio rockers website and people use it to download the movies for free. When movie releases then there are two types of people the first type of people buys the tickets to watch the movie. But the second type of person doesn’t want to buy the tickets to watch the movie. They just want to watch that premium content for free without paying for it. So in this case websites like jio rockers comes to provide their services. These websites like jio rockers always put the latest and movies and websites on their platform so that people can download them. But those millions of people who use such websites appear to ignore what the government has to say on such jio rockers type websites.

Actually the jio rockers and other similar websites are not legal. Jio rockers website is a movie piracy websites that leak the movies and upload them on the website. Such piracy websites like jio rockers are banned in India and other major countries by the government. The government has also asked it is citizens to avoid using such a website. Because these websites like jio rockers can impose a privacy threat to your mobile phone and other devices. And you should always obey the government’s rules and regulations as they here to give us better advice only. So I will also advise you to avoid using the jio rockers and other similar websites. There are many other options available that you can use to download your favorite movies and they are legal too. These options include subscription-based services Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, They also provide us the latest premium content on a very minimal charge.

General Information of Jio Rockers Telugu

Jio rockers Telugu website is a very big website. It provides movies and shows in not only Telugu and Tamil but in other languages as well. These types of websites like jio rockers have a lot of resources and technical expertise to operate. Therefore they can hide from authorities and police due to legal actions. Government authorities and law enforcement agencies are always after the admins of jio rockers to catch them and bring them to justice. But in this age of technology and information, it is not easy to find them. Because they deploy such high-end technology so that they can always hide from the police and get caught a very few times. So under this heading, we are going to talk about the technical point of this jio rockers website.

We will also discuss what steps the government is taking to stop this type of website leak copyrighted content. So there is a lot to discuss in this article and we are surely going to talk about them.


There is no doubt that servers are the main and most important thing in a website. Whether it jio rockers website or any other website, these servers play a very important role in the website. Servers are also known as hosting among the common people. It is responsible for the performance of the website. The website’s speed and everything depends upon the server as it is known as the powerhouse of the website. A hosting or server is the most technically complicated part of a website therefore it is always handled by the technically expert people. Therefore the authorities also have assumptions that jio rockers and other similar websites are run by a group of people. Because handling these technical issues requires a team of technical experts only. Apart from that these assumptions are also strengthened by the incidents in the past.

In recent years authorities arrested a group of people running a similar website like jio rockers. This was Tamilrockers and it also leaked many movies so the government arrested them and prosecuted them as well. Therefore one thing is very clear from this incident is that nobody can hide from the authorities. If anybody is doing any illegal activity then the government can catch them at any time. So always do the right things only.

Domains or Links of Jio Rockers

The domain name of a website is also one of the most important factors. For those who don’t know what is a domain name then Jiorockers is the domain name of this website Jio Rockers. It can also be considered as the prefix of the domain name because the complete is domain name there is always a suffix added to it. In this case suffix is the domain name extension like .in, .com, .net etc. So the domain name is the most important thing on the website after the server. Because it is like an address to the website by which a person can reach the website. Although those who have a little bit of knowledge about websites then he must be aware of this.

We can also open a particular website by typing its IP address if you know about it. But that address is very difficult to remember as it consists of several no. therefore in place of that, a domain name is used that can easily be remembered by humans. People always choose such a domain that can represent them in a better way. They always spend a good amount of to think such a domain name and select it. Most of the time a domain is selected with a long term vision in mind as it becomes a very important part of the brand’s image. But here the case of websites like jio rockers is different. I told you that these jio rockers type websites are illegal and blocked by the government. So the government always blocks a particular domain of the website which is distributing the copyrighted content.

But as the authorities block the website they relaunch the website with a new domain. This domain is similar to the previous one and only the domain extension is changed in most cases. As we all know that there are hundreds of domain extensions are available for a single domain name. So the owners of websites like jio rockers try to buy all the domain extensions available for their website, This they use in times when their websites is blocked by the government.

Some same or mirror domains used by Jio rockers

  • Jio rockers cu
  • Jio rockers kd
  • Jio rockers mk
  • Jio rockers vg
  • Jio rockers vd
  • Jio rockers bh
  • Jio rockers ol
  • Jio rockers to
  • Jio rockers es
  • Jio rockers po
  • Jio rockers hy
  • Jio rockers nk
  • Jio rockers ts
  • Jio rockers et
  • Jio rockers av

List number 2 of Jio rockers domains or extensions 

  • Jio rockers ko
  • Jio rockers gt
  • Jio rockers es
  • Jio rockers gs
  • Jio rockers fs
  • Jio rockers td
  • Jio rockers dt
  • Jio rockers al
  • Jio rockers nq
  • Jio rockers is
  • Jio rockers pz
  • Jio rockers xp
  • Jio rockers ex
  • Jio rockers ni
  • Jio rockers cb

Popularity of Jio Rockers

When I analyzed jio rockers website with the help of some tools then I came to know about its popularity. This jio rockers website is used by millions of people every single month. These people are from all around the world but the majority of them are from India. This reason why people from India visit this jio rockers the most is maybe that this website many leak the Indian movies only. When I looked at the keywords that this jio rockers target then I found that it provides many language movies. From Telugu to Tamil movies jio rockers website use several such keywords to drive traffic to the website. I also found that jio rockers is not a new website. But it is live for many years and still continuing with different domain names and domain extensions.

Alternatives of Jio rockers you can use

Jio Rockers Telugu Movies

Jio Rockers Telugu movies are one of the most popular websites as many people search for this keyword online. Telugu movie industry is one of the most popular movie industries in India. Millions of people watch these movies from all around India. Recently many Telugu movies ( Dubbed Versions ) got popular in various parts of the world. Sometimes these movies were only watched by the Telugu speaking people. But from some time the Telugu movie makers are also focusing on the international audience as well. Therefore they are producing good quality movies and dubbing them in different languages. Doing all this provides them more reach to the global audience. And this strategy seems to work from them as more people have started watching the Telugu movies. They are also producing more research-based movies as a result more audiences are getting attracted to them.

All these traits of Telugu movies make them a target for jio rockers and other websites. Many Telugu movies were leaked in recent years and out of those movies many were not even released into the theaters till that time. So from this, you can understand how strong their network is and how they leak the movies.

Jio Rockers Tamil Movies

Jio Rockers Tamil Movies

Tamil Movie industry is India’s one of the most iconic movie industries. These movies are mainly watched by the Tamil speaking people and whereas their dubbed versions are viewed by everyone. Tamil movies have different movie stars and some of them are really very famous and iconic like superstar Rajnikanth. He is known as one of the finest actors in the Indian cinema. He is not only famous for his Tamil movies but he has also done many Bollywood movies as well. In the Tamil movie industry, the movie stars are loved and admire by the audience the most. Many people also say that the piracy of movies also started in Tamil movies only.

And after that, these pirates started targeting other movies as well. There are millions of people who watch Tamil movies. Apart from that many people from different countries have also started showing their interest in these movies. Therefore websites like jio rockers also target the Tamil movies and leak them. Although people who watch Tamil movies love their movie stars very much it cannot stop them from downloading the movies from websites like jio rockers and others. Actually, they have to understand that if we want to appreciate an artist then we should watch his/her movies in theaters only. If they watch those movies form piracy websites like jio rockers then it is very disappointing and unlawful.

Therefore as a good fan, you should always respect the hard work of your favorite artist. And for that, you should avoid using websites like jio rockers and adopt some other methods. There are many other websites than jio rockers that provide movies for free. So you can try them as well and always think about those small artists who work in those movies.

Recent Movies leaked by Jio rockers

People who visit Jio rockers will find blockbuster and new Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu movies on the Jio Rockers site. I have mentioned some of the movies which leaked by Jio rockers:

  • Ee Maya Peremito
  • Men In Black: International
  • The angry bird’s movie 2
  • RDX love
  • Gang Leader
  • Rama Chakkani Seetha
  • The Lion King
  • Ismart Shankar
  • Vadaladu 
  • Kousalya Krishnamurthy

Categories you can on Jio rockers

When you’ll go to the website of Jio rockers, you’ll find many genres and categories on it. Some categories I have mentioned below:- 

  • Malayalam movies 
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Tamil movies 
  • Telugu movies 
  •  Bollywood movies
  • Kannada movies 


Webseries is a very new concept these days. there are many platforms out there who are investing in this concept. As there are massive chances of growth in webseries in the upcoming days. the audience is also showing a very good response towards the webseries which were produced in recent times. Actually the audience these days like well-researched movies and shows. And webseries fulfill these needs of a viewer and produce amazing content with excellent stories and new concepts as well. If you provide good content in a webseries then there is very little chance of loss in it as a producer. Honestly speaking that webseries are going to be the future of the entertainment industry. The best part of this concept is that people can watch it whenever they want and where ever they want.

That’s why it is the most successful concept for entertainment in recent times. Most of the websites and apps that provide the webseries are subscription-based. Many people who don’t want to pay for subscription use jio rockers website on the risk of privacy. Due to the success of this concept now big production houses are also investing big money in the webseries. We have seen the recent time many big-budget web series from famous production.

Jio Rockers Privacy Concerns

There are many safety and privacy concerns when people use websites like jio rockers. In this age of technology, a huge database of people’s personal information can seriously be dangerous. Anybody can misuse your personal data for their own profit. So it is always advised that people should pay attention to their personal data. But even after many cases of data breaches people don’t seem to look forward to that. The government has warned people from time to time regarding the jio rockers and other similar websites. But people don’t listen to them for their small benefits.

Actually when you install any file from an unknown source like jio rockers then your privacy is at higher risk. The attackers can easily attack your computer on mobile devices. There are many articles available on the internet that warns you against such acts and you must read them. In those articles, you will get to know how easy it is to get intrude into your system for an attacker. People always take these things very lightly which they should not. As it is directly associated with your privacy and online safety.

Also whenever you visit a website online then you must check some pages there. The pages like privacy policy and cookies policy are very important on a website. So always be aware.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.