Hindilinks4u 2020: Latest Hindi Dubbed and Bollywood Movies Download Website Online, Legal Or Illegal?

June 27, 2020

Hindilinks4u– Movies are the best way of entertainment for everybody. When you search for movies then there something available for everyone. From kids to adults everybody likes to watch movies and get some entertainment from them. Kids mainly like to watch cartoon character movies whereas adults have different options to choose from. Some adults like to watch romantic movies whereas some like to watch thriller movies. And in the case of adults, it also depends on their mood and with whom they are going to watch the movie. If they are going with their partner then they will prefer romantic movies whereas if they are with their friends then they might prefer thriller ones. People all around the globe also watch movies according to their movie culture as well.

Because in a country like India you will see the majority of people like romantic movies. But on the other hand in a country like the USA people like to watch more researched-based content like thriller and action movies. Anyways people as I told you people in different parts of the world like different types of content. So a few years back I am sure you remember the people had to stand in lines to get the movie tickets.

But now with the help of technology, the situations are pretty different. In those times many even after standing in the long ques many people couldn’t get the tickets due to rush and they couldn’t watch the movies. Whereas now people can watch their favorite movies anytime anywhere with the help of technology. The main role played in easing that situation is by the OOT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These platforms with proper legal permission release the movies on their apps and websites where people can watch them. But on the other hand, there are websites like hindilinks4u.

So today we are going to talk about this website and different factors of it. So without any further delay lets start the article. In this article you will get the full information about the hindilinks4u. I will try to provide you the best available information to you.

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Hindilinks4u Bollywood

Hindilinks4u Bollywood Movies Website

Movies are loved all around the world and so in India as well. People like to watch movies and they watch them pretty regularly. Many people go to watch movies on a weekly basis whereas many people also go to watch movies on a monthly basis. According to people movies are the best way to relax their minds and release some tension of daily work. Because as we all know that in this era people are busier than ever before. They go to the office and do work there in a very tight schedule therefore they can hardly get any time for themselves. So whenever they get some time then they go out to watch movies with their family and friends.

But when a new movie released then there are always two types of people. The first type of people go and buy the tickets to watch the movie. And the second type of person doesn’t want to buy the tickets or even they don’t want to pay to watch the movie. So they start searching for some alternatives to watch the movie for free. Many people find the hindilinks4u website as their destination. Hindilinks4u is a website that provides people with the latest Bollywood and Hindi dubbed movies so watch online and download. This is quite a popular website on the internet as hundreds and thousands of users visit this website.

However, this website is so popular but still, people are not fully aware of this website. The most important about this website and other websites like this is that the hindilinks4u is an illegal website. Yes readers this website is totally a movie piracy website and in India, piracy of movies is a punishable offense. Therefore the government of India has blocked the domain of this website and they also want people to not visit these types of websites. But still, people don’t follow the advice of their government properly and they still use hindilinks4u. I will also advise you to avoid using these types of websites and choose only the right options to download movies.

Popularity of Hindilinks4u

Many people always have doubts about the popularity of such websites. They say that if these websites are illegal then they might not be having traffic on them. And even if they would be having some traffic then that might be very less. But that is not true, the truth is that the websites like hindilinks4u have hundreds and thousands of visitors on them. And the most shocking thing about these websites is that they gather so many visitors within a few months. So it is quite strange for a person who works hard on his/her website but can’t get traffic. Such people always think that how movie piracy websites get this much traffic.

So there are many factors that make a website like hindilinks4u a famous website on the internet. They also manipulate the rankings on the search engine by using so tactics. Under this heading, I will tell you what I think are the factors and how popular is hindilinks4u website.

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Bollywood or Hindi Movies

Bollywood movies are the main target of websites like hindilinks4u. So you can see that most of the websites target Bollywood movies. Every time when a new movie released then many websites try to leak the movie and upload it on the website. Therefore we can see that many times movies are leaked even before they could release into the theaters.

Actually Bollywood movies are widely viewed in India and the whole subcontinent. People like these movies so much that they are mad about them. They would watch each and every movie no matter what. These days Bollywood is also trying to produce some more researched-based content to get the international audience.

Therefore we can see that in recent years many Bollywood movies were released in foreign as well. These movies were dubbed in various languages and then they were released there. According to many reports, Bollywood movies have their viewers in millions. That’s why all the major movies websites like hindilinks4u target the Bollywood movies whenever they are released or they are about to release.

Hindi Dubbed Movies

With the increasing globalization movies and other content is also becoming global. Most of the popular franchise of movies release their movies in different languages. With this, they want to breach more public and want to acquire more market share. That’s why various movies from other countries are getting a very good response in India. Most of the movies from big franchise dub their movies into the Hindi language. Because most of the people in India understand Hindi and many people can understand the movie better if it is in their mother tongue. Although many people in India also understand the English language, still when the movies are released in the regional languages then they get more attention.

Famous movie franchises like Avengers, Spiderman, etc. always dub their movies in Hindi and release them in India. Due to this, they can penetrate deep into the tier 2 cities of India where people mainly like to watch Hindi movies. The market of Hindi Dubbed movies is also increasing in size year by year as more players are coming in. Therefore the websites like hindilinks4u also target these movies and put them on the website. This also causes a loss to the movie makers and they are forced to take strict actions against movie piracy websites. Many times the moviemakers themselves lodges the complaint against the websites like hindilinks4u and then the government takes action on them.


Webseries is a very popular concept these days. People are also watching this digital piece of content with curiosity. Because the content that is presented in these webseries is of good quality. The concept of these webseries is also very different from movies as they do various experiments with the script and acting. All these things attract people to webseries. These days it is observed that people like webseries more than movies and TV shows. Whenever there is any be webseries released then people want to know everything about it. They want the reviews of the series and many times the viewers also want to know about the star cast. In recent times various OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have emerged that provide webseries to the audience.

These platforms have millions of active users and they also provide quality content. This shift if people’s interest from movies to webseries has also hit the minds of moviemakers. Therefore we can see that they are also stepping into this business. Big production houses are also investing in the webseries and making them. This clearly shows that webseries are going to be the next form of entertainment after movies. Whenever a new series is released then the internet floods with queries related to it. Many people even want to know the ways to download these series for free. As a result website like hindilinks4u also targets them and leak them from OTT platforms. Here also the premium content is not safe from pirates.

Technical Aspects of Hindilinks4u

To understand a website we must understand its technical aspects as well. Because all things related to the website depend upon its technical aspects only. From the speed of a website to its location, all these things are covered under the technical information of a website. Websites like hindilinks4u deploy high-end technology to hide from the government and authorities. They also use the technology to dodge the legal actions from the authorities. I think that the admins of such websites are very advanced in technology because it requires that. If a normal person does this type of things then they can be easily caught by the authorities.

But sometimes it becomes very difficult for the authorities to find out the location of such movie piracy websites because of the technology. Still, these websites can be traced by the authorities in a longer period of time and they can be caught by the police as well. So nobody should think that they can get away with any illegal activity. authorities can still chase them and find them out. So always choose the right and legal method to download the movies.


Servers are the most important part of a website as most of the things depend on it. It is the most initial thing that is required to design a develop a website. Servers are also known a hosting in a general language in the online world. It is called so because a server hosts all the files related to the website on it. From the coding files of the website to the images and other media used on it everything is stored on the hosting. In this way, a hosting or server becomes the powerhouse of the website. A server is also responsible for the various operations of the website like performance and speed. So websites like hindilinks4u also use the high-end servers to hide from the authorities and dodge all the legal actions on them.

People have to understand that each technology is made with good intentions. All these technologies are used for the better of humankind. But when a website like hindilinks4u misuses them then it becomes a matter of concern for the people.

Hindilinks4u legal or illegal

Is Hindilinks4u Legal?

I think I have made this very clear from the very starting but lets just clear it further. No, hindilinks4u is not a legal website it is an illegal website. Hindilinks4u movie piracy website that leaks movies and put them on their website for the people to download. The government has also blocked this website many times in the past. So I will never advise you to use this website. Always choose the right way to download or stream movies.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.