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June 10, 2020

Filmyzilla- When it comes to entertainment then the world has changed immensely. People now have huge means of entertainment and chill. But still, the best of entertainment for humans is movies or shows. With time this movie industry has also flourished a lot. Humans from all around the globe are more engaged with movies and shows than ever before. Most of the people have movies as a daily routine of their lives. These days people are watching more movies on average than ever before. This is because now they have various mediums to do so. In the old days, people had to go to the theaters and watch the movies there, theaters and cinema halls were the only place to watch movies. But as we all know that now new technology has come and with that, it has brought many opportunities as well.

Now people can watch movies and T.V. shows where ever they want on their mobile phones. In recent times India has witnessed a digital revolution. This revolution has also contributed a lot in the field of entertainment. With this facility on mobile even a person who is sitting in the most remote area can watch favorite movies very easily. With this increasing craze of people for movies, the moviemakers are also investing more in the movies. As a result of which we can see that the various new technologies are used in the movies and moviemakers are trying to give a better experience to the viewers. But with this increasing craze of movies, there are many problems that are threatening the industry. Today in this article we are going to talk about a website named filmyzilla.

This website has become very popular in recent days. Millions of people are using the website regularly Therefore it becomes necessary to have the best information about it. So if you also want some information about this website then stay tuned with me. I am sure that you will get to know a lot of this about filmyzilla if you read this article till the end.

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Filmyzilla hindi Dubbed

Filmyzilla Overview

So whenever there is any new movie is released in theaters then many people want to watch it. Especially in India, people are just crazy about movies. They would like to watch each and every movie of their favorite movie stars. People would rush to the theaters to buy the tickets and watch the movie.

But some people do not want to pay for the tickets. Such people want some alternatives and want to watch the movies for free. Here this website named filmyzilla comes to play. Filmyzilla is a website where people can download the latest Bollywood and other movies for free. Yes, many people are using this website to download their favorite movies without any cost.

Apart from Bollywood movies, this website is also providing many movies other language movies as well. People also visit this website to download Hollywood and Punjabi movies as well. As we all know that webseries are also very popular these days so filmyzilla is also trying to upload or leak the latest webseries as well.

But do you know that it is an illegal website? Yes friends this website is considered as a movie piracy website by the authorities. Therefore we have seen that many domains of this website have been blocked in recent times by the authorities. But as we know that it is very tricky to ban anything in this age of technology. Because websites like filmyzilla misuse the technology to sidestep the ban by the government. As a result, we can see that this type of websites are still operating and continuing with their work.

Some Unknown Things About Website

People always want to know how these websites become famous so easily. I mean websites like filmyzilla get millions of traffic every month and that too within just 2-3 months of launching the website. Especially the people who are in this online world are very confused about this thing. People are just tired of uploading the content on the website and they still not receive the traffic on it. So under this heading, I will try to tell you how this website generates this much traffic every month. Most of the things that I will mention here applies to all the websites like filmyzilla. Because they mainly use the same techniques to get traffic. So read the content carefully if you also want to know those facts about this website.

Also I would like to make one thing clear that how I got this data to include in this article. Actually I researched a lot about filmyzilla and other similar websites and get to know all these facts. I also used various tools to analyse them.

Filmyzilla Come

This is a very popular keyword related to this website. Many people in India and around the globe search this keyword to find the website. When I was doing some research related to this website then many tools suggested this keyword. Now when you look at filmyzilla come keyword then it doesn’t make any sense.

But I don’t know why so many people search it online. May the want to search the com variant of the website but they couldn’t find it so they search this keyword to find the website. Filmyzilla is not a new website but it is a very old website and it is present on the internet for a long period of time.

But since this website is illegal so the government takes strict actions on such websites and blocks them straight away. So you may find these types of keywords that people search to find this website.

Filmyzilla Hindi Dubbed

As we all know that these types of websites never target any movie industry specifically. This same goes for the filmyzilla website. This website is a very vast website and apart from targeting the big movie industry, it also targets the Hindi dubbed movies. These movies can be from any industries like Hollywood, Tamil or Telugu, the Hindi dubbed version of these movies are leaked on this website. Mainly there are South Indian movies targeted because Hindi speaking people in India like to watch the dubbed Telugu and Tamil movies in Hindi. With increasing technology, the south Indian movies are doing very well. They are coming up with new ideas and concepts due to which Hindi speaking people are also getting attracted to them.

In the last few years many Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies got a good response from the Hindi speaking audience. This is the reason why websites like filmyzilla are continuously targeting them.

Filmyzilla in

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Filmyzilla in

When it comes to domain names there are many variations available for a single domain. People can choose from a wide range of domains to find their favorite ones. Filmyzilla in is also one of the variations o domains of this website. Nobody knows when this website was first launched but one thing is very clear that since its launch it has changed many domain names. I think this was one of the domains of websites with .in extension. According to my analyses, this might be used to be one of the most famous domains of this website as it searched by many people. Now when you search this domain you might not find anything but whenever this domain used to be live, it might have got millions of traffic on it.

Revenue Model

The revenue model of these types of websites is a bit spammy. They promote many products and services that are not good for anyone to use. Still, people who visit these types of websites never bother about it. Under this heading, I am going to talk about how these websites make money. I will also tell you how their revenue model can easily harm anyone who visits the website and never take it seriously. So, friends, many people think that if this website is illegal then how they make money and many people even think that they can’t make money out of it.

But actually this is not true, websites like filmyzilla easily make a good amount of money when they get millions of traffic. However, the way they monetize the traffic is not traditional. These websites can’t use the ad networks which legit websites use to monetize the traffic so they have to go for other alternatives. Below I have mentioned all those methods that are used by these websites.

Ad Networks

As we all know that to generate the revenue from the website we require to serve ads on it. To help us with that there are many ad networks out there. Most of the websites deploy ad networks like and Adsense. Out of these two Adsense is the most used ad network. You can find hundreds of publishers using this ad serving platforms to monetize their content. And there is no doubt about it that Adsense is the one of best platforms to monetize the content on your website. Actually it is a product of Google, Google takes ad from advertisers and delivers it to the audience using the Adsense’s ad network. There over 10million websites that use Adsense on them around the world.

But here is a catch, if a website wants to show Adsense’s ads on it then first it has to get it approved from the Adsense team. This team manually reviews the website and if everything is okay then only the website gets approved. If a website violets any of the Adsense’s policy then its team rejects the website straight away. Now websites like filmyzilla can’t be monetized with Adsense because of the oblivious policy violations. Actually, Adsense in its policy says that they will not monetize a website that has any copyrighted content on it. So filmyzilla has copyrighted content on it therefore Adsense never approves such websites.

And let me tell you that Adsense is really very strict with its ad serving policies. They want to maintain the quality of their network so that their advertisers get some quality traffic and conversions. That’s why these websites have to go for some alternatives and choose some other options. Now most of the websites here use the popup and popunder ads

Popup Ads

There are many ad networks that provide many popups and pop-under ad services. Mainly websites that are rejected by Adsense and other legit ad networks use these ad services. These services serve the popup and pop-under ads. When you visit a website and do some activities there like clicking some button then a popup opens which tries to sell you something. These popups are generally popup ads. The website uses these ad networks are widely filmyzilla and other similar websites.

The websites with legit and original content never use these types of ad networks as they appear to be spammy. These type of ads generally irritates the user and force them to bounce off from the website. If this type of situation happens on the website where the user is not happy from the content of the website then it has a negative impact on it. This type of activity on the website increases the bounce rate on the website. Therefore after that, the ranking of the website drops steeply and destroys the online reputation of the website. But since visitors on filmyzilla visits it just to download the movie by any means so their bounce rate remains low no matter what ad network they use on the website. Their visitor never bounces off from the website.

Traffic Redirection

Traffic redirection is also one of the ways that these types of websites use. They redirect the traffic that visits their website to some other website. Okay so for those who don’t get what I am saying then let me explain it to you. When you visit some website and do some activities there then suddenly a webpage opens on the screen. Here it is a possibility that you might be redirected to another website from there. I am not sure whether filmyzilla use this technique or not.

Reason For Which Filmyzilla is Illegal

So as I told you previously that this website is illegal. Therefore as a result we can see that the government has blocked this website many times in the past as well. But what is the actual reason for which the government considers this website as illegal? We will talk about those reasons under this heading. And if you are also in the online world then you must know and also be aware of the rules and regulations.

Actually the content which is posted on the filmyzilla is not owned by the website. The actual moviemakers own the copyright of that content. So therefore when this website distributes that content on the web then it is considered as online movie piracy.

And for your knowledge movie piracy is strictly banned in India and most of the other countries. Therefore whenever the government finds this type of websites then they block their domains. because if you want to distribute other person’s copyrighted content then you should have all the legal permissions from the copyright owner. In the case of movies and shows mainly the distribution rights are sold. After all, it is all business and everybody is here to earn the money out of it. Moviemakers invest hell lot of money and effort to make a movie, but when websites like filmyzilla leak that content then it must be very heartbreaking for them.

As an artist, you just want to get a proper appreciation for your work. But when the movies and shows are leaked on websites like filmyzilla then you are unable to get that. Because the appreciation is always measured from how many people watched the movie in the theater. When people watch the movie from other illegal sources then it can’t be monitored. Due to these movie leaks, the moviemakers have to bear a lot of monetary as well in terms of collection.

Is it Safe to Use Filmyzilla?

While using any website then it should be your first priority to ask yourself whether it is safe or not. Because in this online world your data and privacy are the two most important things that you should keep in mind. People generally don’t it seriously but they should. In my opinion websites like filmyzilla are never safe to use. There are several reasons why I am saying and I will discuss those reasons one by one.

First of all when you visit a website then you should always check come pages on the website. These pages include the privacy policy and disclaimer pages. These two pages on any website tell us about the intention of the website. The most important thing that you should check here is the cookies that they put into your browser. Cookies are used by the websites to serve you ads and collect some data of your activities that you do on the website. This data is generally used by the website to provide you better user experience from the next time.

Legit websites always mention their cookies policy on the website and they tell you why what they do with your data. But when you visit websites like filmyzilla then there you will never find any of these pages. So basically you don’t know what they do with your data.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.