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June 8, 2020

Filmyhit- With some big changes in the world, people have developed many ways of entertainment. We, humans, have advanced ourselves in every field of the entertainment world. This entertainment industry has always been an important part of human society. This is because from our hectic and busy day to day schedule we have to take some time for ourselves to relax and chill. At that time humans always prefer to watch some play or a movie to spend time with loved ones. In ancient times when there were no movies or any digital medium of entertainment so people used to watch play and dramas. But as the technology came and advanced the plays were replaced by big-budget movies and star cast.

Now watching movies and consuming digital content for entertainment is part of our life. Many of us watch movies on a regular basis. Some people watch them weekly and many watch movies by going to the theaters once in a month. Due to these addictions of people towards the movies, the movie industry is also on a boom. They are bringing new content into the industry and try to serve people with the latest concepts. The moviemakers are also investing a good amount of money into the technology of the movies as well.

But today we are not here to talk about the movies, we are here to talk about a website named filmyhit. This website is very popular on the web. Many people use filmyhit. To download movies and other stuff for their entertainment. But there is a lack of knowledge among the people regarding this website. Therefore I thought to share some knowledge on these types of websites and it will be very helpful to you.

Filmyhit punjabi

Filmyhit Website Overview

Movies are a very broad topic in India. People like to watch movies very much here. The fan following that some movie stars have is absolutely crazy. People go to watch their movies at any cost. Whenever there is any new movie released people just rush to the theaters to watch it.

But there are some people who don’t want to pay for the tickets and want to watch the movies for free. Such people always search for alternatives and want to download the movies from any online platform. For such people comes a website named filmyhit.

Filmyhit is a movie downloading website that is largely popular among people. This website is especially famous among those people who want to download the movies for free. Whenever there is any new movie released, people rush to this kind of website to find it. Such people never want to pay for the tickets due to many causes. But due to these people, the moviemakers have to bear a lot of loss in the revenue of the movie. Because whenever a movie is leaked on such an online website then many people download movies from there. Therefore those people will never buy the tickets to watch the movie. And due to this moviemakers observes a loss in the revenue collection of their projects.

But people are not aware of the fact that websites like filmyhit are actually illegal. They use these websites and think that it is all okay to do that, but actually it is not. The government of India has banned such websites and they asked people not to use them. But still, people don’t listen to the authorities and still use these websites. Due to this, the government has blocked filmyhit website many times in the past and have tried to stop their activities by that.

Filmyhit 2020: How it Works?

If we are talking about a website then we should be having some basic information about that. So under this heading, we will be talking about servers and domains of this website. And how filmyhit uses these servers and domains to dodge every legal action by the authorities. As I told you earlier in this article that filmyhit websites are not a legal website. Actually this website promotes piracy of movies so it is considered illegal by the authorities. Therefore these authorities block the active domains related to this website doing the same activities. But as we all know that in this age of technology it is not easy to completely block or ban anything. This is because the admins of the website like filmyhit deploy the latest techniques to hide from the legal authorities.

This makes it very difficult for the government to trace them and reach to the real admins of the website.


These websites use very high end and the latest servers. Generally, these servers are very remotely operated so that authorities can’t trace the real-location of the website. So for those people who don’t know what is a server then let me explain it to you. Actually setting up a website takes two most important things first is a server and the second one is a domain. We will talk about the domain later but the first talk about the servers. You can understand the server as a place where all the data related to a website is stored. This data includes files like HTML codes, pictures, and basically all things related to a website. You can also call it a warehouse of the website where everything related to the website is kept. In this online world, these servers are also known by the name of hosting.

There are mainly three types of hosting depending upon the configuration and capability. The types are mainly shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. People use different hosting services for different purposes. Big websites that get millions of traffic every month use dedicated servers to handle that huge traffic. Usually, websites like filmyhit also use advanced versions of these servers to operate. These servers are not easy to locate. But these days authorities are also very smart. They also have smart technologies and using that technology they can trace these servers. I can say this because they have successfully many such servers in the past as well.


So the next thing which important for making a website domain. A domain name is like an address to the website which can be easily remembered by humans. So whenever the authorities block any domain of the filmyhit website then they relaunch it with a new domain name. Now as we all know that there are several domain extensions available for a single domain name like .com, .net, .in, and many more like that. These domain extensions can also be called as domain suffix and the prefix is the name of the website like filmyhit.

So the admins of the websites like filmyhit try to maximum domain extensions of their website. These different domain extensions are used as back up of these websites. Whenever any active domain is blocked these websites relaunch the website with the new domain extension. These domains look the same as the previous ones and only the extension or suffix is changed. Keeping the rest of the domain the same also helps the website to rank faster and better in search engines. People also think that this is the same website old website but actually it is not.

Filmyhit other domain and extensions

You know, time from time or most of the time websites like filmyhit get banned by the Indian government. So they have to have some other domains and extension as their backup.

So that whenever the government of India bans its main website, they can start a new one right away. Below is a 2 list of domains and extensions used by filmyhit.

List number 1:-

  • Filmyhit ae
  • Filmyhit ro
  • Filmyhit ini
  • Filmyhit eb
  • Filmyhit iz
  • Filmyhit lif
  • Filmyhit ch
  • Filmyhit sng
  • Filmyhit ao
  • Filmyhit rk
  • Filmyhit bz
  • Filmyhit srm
  • Filmyhit sorm
  • Filmyhit stk
  • Filmyhit sem

List number 2:-

  • Filmyhit ag
  • Filmyhit arg
  • Filmyhit cs
  • Filmyhit or
  • Filmyhit str
  • Filmyhit tue
  • Filmyhit or
  • Filmyhit lie
  • Filmyhit ap
  • Filmyhit ne
  • Filmyhit pxy
  • Filmyhit lte
  • Filmyhit tgu
  • Filmyhit vn
  • Filmyhit til

Popularity Reasons

Many people have these types of questions in their minds. People in the online world are actually confused about the fact that how websites like filmyhit get popular so quickly. These websites get millions of organic traffic within a few months. Actually there are many reasons behind the popularity of websites like filmyhit. And we will discuss those reasons under this heading.

Categories You Can Find on Filmyhit:

Filmyhit shows you a huge quantity of web series and films in a flat form having various segments.Some example categories are provided below:-

  • Hollywood movies Hindi dubbed
  • Bollywood movies
  • Animation Dub Movies
  • New South Indian Movies
  • Punjabi Films
  • Web series in Hindi
  • New Hindi Films
  • 18+ Adult Movies

Mirror Websites of Filmyhit

You know, there are many free pirated movie downloading websites like Filmyhit is created. It is really common when we can’t locate our desired objects. To overcome these results, they then search for an alternative option. Below I have mentioned some of the best alternatives of Filmyhit:-

Filmyhit Movies

I think filmyhit movies are the biggest reason why this website is so popular. People visit these kinds of websites to download movies and web series. These websites also try to leak and upload the latest movies that are released in the theaters. Actually, whenever a new movie is released then at that time there are many people who search for it. There are huge no. of people who want to download the movie at that time. So these movie piracy websites try to leak the movies as soon as possible. And if they succeed in doing that then people visit these websites to download the movie.

This way these websites like filmyhit get popularity at that time. And this popularity continues even after the release of that movie. That’s why I think filmyhit movies is one of the biggest reasons why this website and other websites like this are popular.

Filmyhit Home

Filmyhit home is one of the widely searched terms online. People search this term hundreds and thousands of times online every month. I think when people find the website then they use this term to find the home page of the website. The homepage of the website is the most important page on it. This page tells us many things about a website. When somebody visits a website then they visit the home page so know many things about the website. Actually this page leaves an impression on the visitor. People tend to form a mentality about the content and layout of a website after visiting the home of it.

Some legal alternatives for filmyhit

Available format on Filmyhit

Filmyhit provides you various types of format, which let anyone download the movies in any quality. I mean some have high internet access that allows you to download movies in HD Quality, 1080p, 720p. But even if you have a low internet connection, you still get the movies in 480p and 360p format.

  • HD Quality
  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p
  • 360p

Is Filmyhit Website Legal?

For that question, there is only one simple answer “No”. This website is not legal because it violets copyright protection law. This type of website is known as movie piracy websites and piracy of any content is a punishable offense under the Indian law. Apart from India, this website is banned in the major countries of the world. So I would like to request you all who is reading this article to stop using such websites.

These websites are not only illegal but also post serious privacy threats to users who use them. Many times the authorities have blocked such websites and have asked people not to use it. So we should also respect the laws by stop using such websites.


Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.