Extramovies: Extra Movies 2020 Latest Bollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies Download Website, Is it Legal

June 18, 2020

Extramovies- Everybody likes watching movies, T.V. shows, and web series. These days watching movies are like and thing to cut off their boredom and relax. It is also one of the best ways of entertainment. People from all around the world no matter where they are, they just want something for entertainment. At that time movies is the only thing which they can use to relax and chill a little bit. With the increasing technology and its availability to the people has also contributed a lot in the movies and entertainment field. Now many people around the globe have internet and they can also access whatever content they want with the help of it. They don’t need any kind of special equipment to reach the content whereas with the help of just a mobile device they can do it very easily.

As more and more people are coming on the internet and have started using technology so the movie industry is also focusing on it. They are also making such content that can easily consume the content on the digital platform. As a result of which we can see that there are many movies that were released in recent times on digital platforms. Even moviemakers have also shifted their focus from movies to webseries as they are more profitable these days. However, one thing is very clear that digital technology is playing a very significant role in the entertainment industry. On one hand, where people are using this technology to provide value to their viewers, there are some people who are misusing it. So today in this article we are going to talk about that only. We are going to discuss a website named extramovies.

So this article is going to be very informative and useful. And it vary useful for such people who use internet and surf websites on it. I will try to give in depth knowledge on it.

Extramovies Bollywood

Extramovies Bollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies

When people search for a website to download the movies online then they might find extramovies there. Extramovies is a website that provides the latest Bollywood movies for the people to download. People visiting these types of websites search for their favorite movies and if they like some movies then they download it. These type of websites usually has many movies listed on them just like an OTT platform.

They give various options to the people like if they want they can download the movies or they can just stream it online. In the past few years, authorities have seen a spike on no. of these kinds of websites may be because of easily available internet. But one thing is sure that websites like extramovies are not only a headache for the Indian movie industry but for many around the world.

Actually the extramovies websites are an illegal movie piracy website. Extramovies website leaks the latest movies and uploads them on their website. They do this so that people can download it from where ever they want. These types of piracy activities are strictly banned in India and other major countries of the world. Therefore authorities have blocked many such websites and have asked people not to use them. But still, we can clearly see that websites like extramovies are still operational and causing damage to the movie industry.

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Extramovies Technical Side

To understand the website we have to first understand the technical side of it. On a website its technical side is very important. It is basically responsible for all types of functions on a website and the performance of a website. SO under this heading, we are going to talk about some technical aspects of such websites. Actually, whenever authorities find a website like extramovies doing illegal stuff so first, they try to catch them. If they can’t do it quickly then they first block the domain of the website and stop people from accessing it. This saves the content from going into the people’s hands illegally.

But within a few days of such a ban, the website like extramovies again starts appearing in the search results with a new domain. And the owner of such websites is almost never caught by the government because they use many technical tricks on the website.

Extramovies Servers

Actually the servers which are used on these websites are very highly configured. These servers are very difficult to find and trace. If once the police get access to the server location they can easily catch the culprits of piracy. But whenever they try to find it they never get the actual location of the real admin of this website. Technologies are always for some betterment of humankind. The majority of people use these technologies for their and other people’s betterment. But still, there is a small percentage of people who do some notorious work with it like leaking movies and hosting them.

In my opinion, these types of servers must be designed to hide the real identity of the user from hackers or to promote free speech. Because as we all know that there are some countries in the world that restrict their people to speak freely. So for such people, this type of technology is very helpful to put up their voices. But when it is used by websites like extramovies. then it becomes really serious and dangerous. People should understand their responsibilities and always use the right ways to download movies and avoid illegal platforms like extramovies to download or even watch movies.

For those people who don’t know what a server is then let me explain it to you. The server is also known as hosting among the people in the online world. Hosting word is more suitable here because a server is one of the main components to run a website. On a server or hosting all the files related to the website is kept or hosted. These files include everything related to the website from the SSL to the CSS files and much more.

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Domain of Extramovies

As we have already discussed how the extramovies movie’s website uses the servers technology. Under this heading, we will talk about how the extramovies website uses the domains to hide from the authorities. They also use this technique to dodge every possible action from the authorities. And I must say that by using these techniques they are doing most of their works without any problem.

People are using the extramovies website for so long even when extramovies website is blocked by several times by authorities. There should be no doubt that the admins of this extramovies website are technically very smart. Because for a normal person doing all this work is unimaginable. These people might also be having good knowledge of the latest technologies. But they are using that knowledge in the wrong place. Anyways let’s get back to our topic that I was talking about.

So whenever the government finds websites like extramovies ranking they start researching about it. Their first priority is to stop the copyrighted content from reaching the people. So they try to find out the owner of the piracy website. If they fail to do so in a short period of time then they jump to the next step. In this step, they block the domain of the website so that people can’t open that website and download or streaming the content there. This the best possible thing that they can do at that point in time.

But this is not a permanent solution as people who are running the websites as extramovies have got an answer to it. When their domain is blocked they relaunch the extramovies website with a new domain name. Now with this new domain, they do a trick. These people just change the extension of the domain and the rest of the domain remains the same. As we all know that there are several extensions available for a single domain. So the owners of websites like extramovies might already register the maximum of those and use those extensions this way to dodge the actions of authorities.

A domain is very important for a website to run and make its name in the industry. When anybody buys a domain name they always have one thing their minds that they want to make it big. They just want to take that particular domain to a whole new level and want to make it as a brand. But with websites like extramovies, this thing is pretty different none of their domain names last long so they buy many domains and change them frequently to dodge the authorities. They just keep the domain’s prefix the same and always change the suffix of it. Here are some domains of the extramovies that were blocked by the government.

Extramovies cc

Extramovies in

Extramovies wiki

Extramovies pro

extra movies

Extramovies Popularity

The Extramovies website is very popular on the internet has visited by many people from around the globe. When I analyzed the different aspects of the extramovies website by using an analysis tool then I got some shocking data. The keyword extramovies is searched by millions of people every month on the internet. It means this is the no. of people who want to visit the extramovies website and they don’t care about anything. The extramovies website is so popular that even after when the website sometimes gets blocked then also people search for it. Under this heading, we will talk about the reason for the popularity of the extramovies website.

There are many reasons for it, we can’t say that there is a particular reason. So we will try to talk about those reasons one by one into the further heading so stay tuned with the article. Also, I will try to present a general overview of all the websites like extramovies. So all the points I will put up here will be general and common for most of the movie piracy websites.

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Extra Movies

When I was doing some research online then I found this keyword. I think this keyword might be related to the extramovies website due to the similarity between its name and website’s name. And there is also the possibility that people might be searching this keyword usually. This can also be taken as a general term on the internet.

The users might be searching for some more movies to download a watch rather than searching for the extramovies website. But since this term is very popular on the internet then let’s get some knowledge of what it is. It is actually an English term that means some more movies. So people might be searching for some movies to view and the extramovies website might also be targeting this keyword as a strategy to target those users. But still, there can be anything so we can’t say anything with full surety.

Extramovies Bollywood

Bollywood movies are one of the most popular movie industry worldwide. People always crazy about Bollywood movies and movie stars around the world. They love Bollywood movies so much that they want to watch them at any cost. People love the way they are portrait love and therefore many movies have become iconic symbol love.

In Bollywood mainly the Hindi movies are produced and directed but they have the audience of various languages. Recent many Bollywood movies were budded into various other languages and released world. Therefore Bollywood is also slowly acquiring the international audience as well. People love to watch Bollywood movies for their emotions and drama rather than its action scenes.

It is the quality of Bollywood that they have transformed themselves so much in the past couple of years. Now they are also investing a lot to bring some latest technology in moviemaking. With these investments, their main is to provide a better user experience. Because these days people like to watch more researched-based content. Therefore on websites like extramovies Bollywood movies are their main targets. They try to leak the latest Bollywood movies and upload them online.

Note:- Piracy of any copyrighted content is punishable under the law. The Lyricshunk website firmly rejects any type of piracy and doesn’t promote it in any manner. The content provided here is just for the informational purpose only. Its objective is just to provide you the right information. Piracy websites are neither safe nor legal to use so please adopt only the legit ways to download the movies.