The Practice Theme Song

March 22, 2010


Welcome to The Practice Theme Song post! enjoy it with style! The Practice was another David E. Kelley creation, that ran in ABC from 1997 to 2004. Its theme song, although not that apt and memorable, was composed by a world-renowned composer—Jon Hassell (along with Pete Scaturro), and was this electronic drum, bass, percussion, the sound effects-styled song that ran for about 45 seconds during the opening.

The Practice Theme Song Video


Jules Bedford is a crusty, sometimes grumpy, and somewhat absent-minded old-school doctor with a genuine concern for people; he is idealistic about the practice of medicine, caring for people even when there is no money to be made. His office is in a middle-class area on Manhattans West Side, where Molly Gibbons is the nurse who has been with him for years and has a crush on him. Helen is his young and slightly crazy receptionist and office manager.

The Practice: The Final Season (2003) Intro Sequence


The Practice: The Final Season (1/4) James Spader’s Big Speech


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