The Anna Nicole Show Theme Song and Lyrics

April 12, 2011


R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith 1967–2007. No disrespect here.

Alright, so I was reminded of this when I saw reruns of The Nanny—both had animated intros.

The show follows the exploits of Anna Nicole Smith and her entourage; much of the focus of the series was on the fact that Smith had gained weight after falling out of the public eye, no longer received regular modeling or acting work, and, at the time of the series’ debut, was in a precarious financial state after lavish spending sprees and the battle against her stepson for her deceased husband’s fortune. Story arcs included Smith’s alleged period of unwilling celibacy (which Smith referred to as “the dry spell”); her struggle to cure her miniature poodle’s habit of attempting intercourse with inanimate objects; her love-hate relationship with her toothless, redneck cousin; and her “fashion feud” with interior decorator Bobby Trendy.

The only information I have about The Anna Nicole Show Theme Song is, number one, the title: “Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna” (credited on IMDb). And number two, its composer: David Baron (credited on IMDb and his Facebook page). Unfortunately, we still don’t know who performed it.

And now for the classic intro (which was nominated in 2003 for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design).

The Anna Nicole Show Theme Song


The Anna Nicole Show theme song lyrics

Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole
Was born in Texas, strugglin’ savin’, tryin’ to get to fame
Then you use what you got (and that’s a lot!), you became a household name
Married a billionaire, so he was 88, but they didn’t date
Then it all disappeared as fast as it came
Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole
Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole
You’re so outrageous
Anna Nicole


And here is this remix I found in youtube just in case you want to listen to something different:

The Anna Nicole Show Theme Song Remix


I am not a super fan of the intro but I like the animation so I’ll give it some points <3 let me know what do you like about it and you gotta try to do something new… like…. some of our other post!! xD