Southland Theme Song

June 21, 2010


Not really familiar with this show, but…

Southland is a television series which originally premiered on NBC and is currently shown on TNT. It is about Los Angeles and the lives of the LAPD officers who police it.

The theme song is a short, instrumental version of Dulce Pontes’ “Canção Do Mar.” Pontes is a Portuguese singer who performs pop, folk, and classical, and is usually regarded and credited as a world music artist.

“Canção do Mar” means song of the sea. It was originally part of Dulce Pontes 1996 release, Lágrimas (Tears), and also appeared on the soundtrack of the film Primal Fear. It was composed by Frederico de Brito and Ferrer Trindade.

Watch & listen

Southland Theme Song


And if you want to listen to the full version just do it!!

Dulce Pontes – Cacao Do Mar


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