Pole Position Theme Song

May 17, 2011


If you ask me, pole position theme song is definitely in the top five for cartoons (not true). Pole Position!

So, remember in my Rainbow Brite post I said I don’t remember the last time I searched for an animated series without the names Shuki Levy and Haim Saban? So now guess who composed this theme? That’s right.

However, like most great cartoons of old people xD, information regarding performers—vocalists, instrumentalists—is very hard to find. I hope someday this blog will be a medium for discussion regarding those “unsung” heroes.

And of course, the theme song and opening.

Pole Position Theme Song


So, let’s just enjoy the lyrics for now.

Pole Position theme song lyrics


[From now on, like your parents were,
you are the secret force of Pole Position!]


They’re movin’ real fast
They’re the only ones who can get there on time
[Let’s go Dan. Okay sis’]

They’re never too far behind, they’re always fighting crime
[It’s stunt time Dan]
[Ready when you are Rhodie]

On the curve or a face in adventure in the danger zone
Pretty soon they’ll be off on a mission, come and watch them go!

[Hydrofoil mode, Rhodie]
[Hydrofoil engaged, Dan]

Pole Position! What’s behind this stunt show
[Wheels—hovercraft, quick]
[Anything you say, Tess]
Pole Position! What’s behind this stunt show
Pole Position! Only they’re on the road
Pole Position!

Sit back and watch them go
Hey-o, Hey-o, Hey-o, Hey-o, Hey-o


credits? why not:

Pole Position Credits


Pole Position Theme Song (Extended Version)

I know you very well guys and I know you like the pole’s position theme song… I see it on your faces… so I just uploaded the extended version:


I hope you like this theme song, if you do let me know below in comments if not do it anyway or go to watch polñe position!! also check if there is another post you may be interested in and see you in the next one 😉