Naruto Theme Song

July 17, 2020


uuuuf!! Even if you don’t like anime I want to guess that you know who is Naruto because cmon!! is NARUTO!!! you are here and if you are here is because you like this anime :B then let’s begin!! Ths anime tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. We know that this anime has many opening and ending so in this one, I’ll just upload the ones that I like the most! are you ready? starting justuu!!!

Naruto Opening 4

This a great season and the first time that Itachi appears in this anime, it was so epic how he fought Kakashi!! and then we meet the 3 legendary sanins!



Naruto Opening 5

This is probably the opening that I like the most <3 and this is also one of my favorites seasons, all of the fights were great!! specially Neji’s fight and let’s not forget Chouji’s fight <3 Lee vs Kimimaroo and then Garaaaa and after this Sasuke vs Naruto, one of the best fights in the hole franchise


Naruto Opening 8

I just like the song, I’m not so fan of the video but the song is incredible


And lets not forget the endings

Naruto Ending 1

There are a lot of great endings and it was difficult to choose but I think this is the one I prefer, as you can appreciate the song is completely sang in English :0


Naruto Ending 3

These chibi characters are so cute <3 a love them and the song combines very well with the video :B


Naruto Ending 4

I feel this ending very relaxing and also cool, do you feel the same?


Naruto Ending 7

cool song, and I love the art (the draws) that appear in this video <3


Naruto Ending 9

This one has a pretty strong meaning, that tells you that the characters in the video lost something every important and they think about it but they are still together in this mission.


Naruto Ending 12

I just like how they look like dogs!! xD


Naruto Ending 14

A very animated song with Naruto, and the frogs dancing!! I think this ending is very funny xD


Thanks for being here guys! I appreciate!! if you are here that means that you broke my genjutsu and now you are free to go but don’t forget to tell me which opening is your favorite, also remember to check the info. we have prepared for you below and see you in the next one 😉