Medabots Theme Song with Lyrics

July 17, 2020


This is an anime that I used to watch when I was a little kid so probably most of the people won’t know it but hey!! you know this anime! and that’s what matters because now I am going to show you Medabots Theme Song. The series centers around Medabots, artificially intelligent robots, whose purpose is to serve humans. The series begins with a ten-year-old boy named Ikki Tenryō, who wants to become a champion of the World Robattle Tournament. However, Ikki doesn’t have a medabot, so one day he gets one and that’s how he begins with his partner metabe. I don’t want you to feel bored so let’s start!

Medabots Theme Song


Medabots Theme Song Lyrics

MEDABOTS!!!!!!! (Ikki: Attack mode, Metabee!)

Go get your friends

It’s time to battle, for a battle

‘Till you drop (More Medabots)

Don’t lose control, it’s time to make it

To the top (More power, more power)

medaforce, medaparts, medafighters


22nd century

It’s time to battle, yeah Robattle



This is the opening for the 2nd season, the song is still the same but the animation looks much better:

Medabots Theme Song S2

Well maybe everything looks better but the first season was a lot better for me than the 2nd one (The 2nd one is kind of boring xD).


And now here is the original opening in Japanese:

Medabots Theme Song (Original Japanese Version)

I’m not sure which version of the opening I like the most, I like a lot more the opening video of the Japanese version but I think I like more the English song…


And the opening for season 2:

Medabots Theme Song S2 (Original Japanese Version)


Well guys I am ready to medafight, what about you? wouldn’t it be great to have a medabot? please let me know below, also tell me what you think about these theme songs, which one do you like the most? If you are done shout with me!! medafigh!!! and see you in the next one 😉