I’m Caillou Theme Song

December 8, 2019


I didn’t even know this TV show exists xD but you guys asked for it so I am pretty sure many of you know it, so let’s begin with I’m Caillou Theme Song! be ready to watch, listen, read the lyrics and smile xB

Caillou Theme Song Video


Caillou Theme Song Remix

(Remixed by Attic Stein Beats)

We took these videos from YouTube and the Caillou Theme Song has 9.3 million views while Caillou Theme Song Remix has 24 million, isn’t it weird? Which one do you like more? I prefer this one, just look at the video’s image!


I’m Caillou (Caillou Theme Song Lyrics)

I’m just a kid who’s four
Each day I grow some more
I like exploring I’m Caillou

So many things to do
Each day is something new
I’ll share them with you I’m Caillou

My world is turning
Changing each day
With mommy and daddy
I’m finding my way

Growing up is not so tough
‘Cept when I’ve had enough
But there’s lots of fun stuff

I’m Caillou, Caillou
Caillou, I’m Caillou

That’s me!


Some people wonder how old is Caillou. If you don’t know he is a 4-year-old who can’t live without exploring and is always busy.

This Canadian children television series “Calliou,” was firstly seen on the screens in 1997 and has since remained quite popular.

Caillou Theme Song 1 HOUR


Caillou Theme Song Trap Remix (THUG VERSION)




Guys! <3 I hope you enjoyed these videos with lyrics and what I’m going to tell you might be kind of difficult to believe but I have an invisible gift for you… if you did believe me… just kidding!! so let us know what do you think about this theme song, watch the other videos we have prepared for you, read the lyrics, etc… and see you in the next one 😉