Dinosaucers Theme Song

December 23, 2010


A while ago we were feeling blast-from-the-past-y which reminded us of Dino-Riders. Now we are feeling both blast-from-the-past-y and dinosaur-y! So the next logical theme song to post about then is Dinosaucers Theme Song!

Dinosaucers is another DIC Entertainment productions, which means its music can only have been created by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban. So once again, since the song’s lyrics are just “Dinosaucers” repeated again and again, we once again bring to you the introduction narration.

We used to be four ordinary teenagers, until one day we met some new friends, from out of town. They were called Dinosaucers. My friends and I became the Secret Scouts, allies to these Dinosaucers from outer space, and joined their battle against Genghis Rex and the evil Tyrannos.

and the also repeat :Dinosaurces a couple of times cx

Ankylo: “The Dinosaucers are leaving, Boss-asaur.”
Genghis Rex: “Well… FOLLOW THEM!” (Classic!)


And now for the opening sequence.

Dinosaucers Theme Song



The show follows the Dinosaucers and their battles against the evil Tyrannos. Each group is composed of intelligent anthropomorphic dinosaurs or other prehistoric saurian species. The Dinosaucers are also allied with four humans known as the Secret Scouts. The two groups originally come from a planet in a counter-Earth orbit known as Reptilon. Most of the characters are named after the type of prehistoric animal they are based on, or some pun of the name.

And here us the extended version without narration

Dinosaucers Extended Theme Song


Now we are done here, if you like this theme song let me know and go to check below if there is other themes quickly or you are gonna get extinct! see you in the next one 😉