ALF Theme Song

March 23, 2011


Now that I have a little more time, I’ll write about Alf Theme Song.

The title character is Gordon Shumway, a sarcastic, friendly extraterrestrial nicknamed ALF, who crash-lands in the garage of the suburban middle-class Tanner family.

ALF lasted four seasons, between 1986 and 1990, and it had two distinct opening theme songs. However, in reality, the second song is just a “toned down” version of the first. The first version was used in seasons 1 and 2, and seasons 3 and 4 for the second. Let us first relive the opening and tunes before going through some information.

ALF theme song seasons 1 & 2

ALF Theme Song #1 & 2

ALF theme song seasons 3 & 4

ALF Theme Song #3 & 4 



Now for some information. The only irrefutable information we have for the theme is for the composer—or rather, composers. Alf Clausen (yes, “Alf”) and Tom Kramer are both listed for theme music composer for all episodes in IMDb. Alf Clausen worked on The Simpsons and Tom Kramer on Mulan (both among others).

As far as the official title of the song is concerned, nothing can be found. So informally, it can be called “Theme from ALF” or the like, or even simply “ALF”.

Enough info!! Now let’s take a rest, eat a cat because ALF love cats xD also tell me if you like the Theme song, listen to the other themes we have prepared for you and see you in the next post 😉