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Galaxy Watch Charger Easy to Carry Isso Korea Maxafe Galaxy 3-IN1 Wireless Charger Satisfaction Good!

Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Buzz 2 Pro…

For people like me who always carry multiple devices, it’s not usually inconvenient to carry all the chargers that fit your equipment. I use a multi-charger at home, but it’s not a bother to pack a charger every time I go out or go on a business trip. In particular, you have to take the Galaxy Watch charger exclusively.

For those who are looking for a MagSafe 3-in-1 wireless charger that can charge wireless earphones such as Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Watch, AirPods, and Buzz 2 Pro at the same time, we introduce the Galaxy Watch Charger WC4IN1 released by Iso Korea. sim card POSTPAID

Available in official stores for W42,500, components include the main Maxafe 3-IN1 wireless charger and C to C charging cables, attachment magnetic rings, and user manuals.

The biggest advantage of Isso Korea WC4IN1 is that it can be carried in a smaller size than a credit card.

It can be folded and carried one by one, so it can be carried in a small bag or pouch at any time without any burden, providing very attractive portability for those who frequently go out or go on business trips.

In particular, even when folded like this, it can be used as a Galaxy Watch charger, a 15W smartphone charger, and a 5W wireless earphone charger, so it is very convenient to use the space.

When you need to charge three devices at the same time, just spread it out and the 3-IN1 multi-charger is set up everywhere.

You can easily charge your iPhone or Galaxy smartphone using up to 15W high-speed wireless charger that supports Maxafe.


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AirPods or buzz can be charged with a 5W charger on the right. Of course, the smartphone can also be charged wirelessly, so it is possible to charge it with a sub-phone or a colleague’s phone before going to bed.

It’s really convenient to charge smartphones and wireless earphones at the same time without having to pack a Galaxy Watch charger. I should have brought a genuine charging cable or a third-party product anyway, but I’m glad I don’t have to.

Fold it and carry it easily, unfold it anywhere and plug in the cable, and the 3-IN1 wireless charger will be ready immediately, so I’m very satisfied with the product concept and actual use.

As the name WC4IN1 suggests, not only can three devices be charged at the same time, but they can also be folded into a triangle and used as a Maxafe stand.

외국인유심개통 One of the advantages of maximizing the utilization of the product is that it can be used as a Maxafe stand by simply folding and attaching it while eating or resting without having to pack it separately.

Of course, SIM CARD KOREA the latest iPhone over the iPhone 12 can be held using its own Maxafe function, and other smartphones can be used the same by attaching the accompanying Maxafe ring.

Also, it provides a subtle lighting effect through the mood light button on the Galaxy Watch charger, so I think it can be recommended as a complete MUSTHAVE item for those who usually go on business trips. 외국인선불유심 You can turn on the light by touching the button twice and adjust the brightness by pressing it while it is on.

There are many 3-IN1 wireless chargers that are used at home or office, koreasim but surprisingly, I haven’t seen many products that are easy to carry around. Isso Korea WC4IN1 is a compact and easy-to-carry product that can charge three Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy Watch, AirPods, and Buzz at the same time when needed, and can be used as a Maxafe stand and mood. I highly recommend it to those who usually go on business trips or go out often.