This winter, 외국인유심 I took it out of the drawer to use it as a humidifier in my bedroom, cleaned it, and prepared it, but I had a chance to use a newly renewed product, so I was able to see what was different from the product I used.

sim card prepaid Winter humidifiers tend to be bought one by one, including a house with children, so there are various types of products. The heated humidifier has smaller water particles than ultrasonic or compound humidifiers and humidifies with water vapor generated by 99.9% sterilization when heated at 100 degrees, so various minerals, calcifications, and bacteria are not sprayed together, which is especially preferred by parents who raise children. sim card prepaid

Similar to a rice cooker, the upper part has a touch button and LED window for operation below the humidifier, and an open button that opens the lid is located on the front.

The heated humidifier heats up to 100 degrees when operated, so the water in the tank is very hot, so if the lid is just opened, there is a risk that a child may be accidentally touched and burned.

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The Dipsen H5 All-Stan humidifier is designed to open the lid only when the child lock switch on the top of the button is pushed back through the child lock function, so you can use it with confidence even at home with children.

It also has a button lock function, which allows you to press the lock button for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the touch button, so you can use it without interrupting movement by touching your child or pet during operation.

One of the reasons you can use it with confidence is the anti-slip rubber packing on the floor and the pyramid structure that gets bigger as you go down.

When turned on, the humidity in the room is displayed in real-time, especially in this year’s renewed version, the hygrometer is placed separately outside the main body, allowing more accurate humidity checks.

The heated humidifier is the best to use in winter because it naturally heats the room temperature with warm water vapor, but the advantage of the Deep Sen H5 All-Stan humidifier is that it is easy to manage by separating the water tank and cover.

Products with unnecessarily complex structures are difficult to clean and cumbersome, so there is a concern that they will be neglected, but this one can be simply separated and washed and used, so my wife loves it. You can also remove the cover of the steam from the top part and wash it.

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In particular, the 304-full stainless steel tank is a sanitary material used in hospital korea sim surgical instruments, which does not rust easily and has strong durability, so the coating does not come off easily even if washed frequently, so it can be used semi-permanently. korea sim

The tank I used to clean every day last winter is still fresh, so I think the All Stan humidifier is the best for a long time. korea sim

It’s very convenient because you don’t have to move the whole body to clean it, just separate the tank, wash it, water it, and put it in, and you can use it right away. korea sim

In addition, on humid days, there are times when it is turned on all day even during the day, and at this time, the lid can be opened and water can be supplied immediately, making it very convenient to use continuously.

When used, you can adjust the amount of humidity to suit your installation at approximately/medium/strong or 50%/60%/70%.

For your information, the amount of humidification of medicine and medium has been changed in the renewal version. Previously, when set to medicine, the humidification amount was reduced from about 400mL to 300mL, and the duration increased from 8 hours to about 11 hours and 30 minutes. When set to medium, it was reduced from about 500mL to 400mL, increasing the duration from 7 hours to about 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Thanks to this, when I sleep with it all night, it lasts until morning even if I turn it on in the early evening, so I can maintain a constant humidity. It’s a part that’s been applied after collecting feedback from many users, so I think it’ll be easier to use than the previous version korea sim
You can also set the timer for up to 9 hours per hour.

When you turn on the power and set the amount of humidification, the tank heats up and warm water vapor begins to occur. The heated humidifier uses water vapor generated by heating the water in the tank to 100 degrees, so it takes a certain amount of time for the water temperature to reach 100 degrees.

However, it does not take long for the water to boil and wait for a while, so the water in the tank boils like when you boil water, and the hot steam fills the room warmly.

For parents raising a young daughter, the size of particles sprayed in a fine size of 1 nm is so small that minerals or calcifications in tap water do not float, so I like it best that only pure moisture is sprayed to maintain clean indoor air.

If you open the lid in the morning, there may be some residue left on the bottom of the tank, so there are no impurities mixed in the water vapor sprayed, so minerals or limestone mixed in the tap water or water purifier water remain in the tank. It means that only clean moisture has been sprayed, so you can wipe the tank well, wash it, and use it.