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Hello, I’m NAVER IT blogger , who shares Apple’s tips. I updated iOS16 right after its release. We will use it in detail and summarize the changes especially the key functions of displaying the remaining battery capacity of the kt스카이라이프 tv iPhone.

I have been using 스카이라이프인터넷 this version since Beta. I always patch the beta version as soon as it is released, so I tend to use it in a variety of ways than others. So for those who haven’t worn a patch yet. Or if you’ve upgraded and don’t know what’s changed, let’s refer to this review.

This post contains the main things I felt while using it. Let’s see if there’s any change. First of all, a good kt스카이라이프인터넷 가입센터 feature of this patch is the iPhone battery life indicator. If you enter Settings > Battery, you can set it to appear as a percentage.

Previously, the notch problem could be accurately identified by numbers only when the upper right notch was swept down for reasons (as an excuse). However, after the iOS16 update, you can now simply manage it through settings. However, it may not be supported depending on the type of device. So let’s check the model below.

a supporting

All models since iPhone 12 series

iPhone 11 – Pro, Max Only

iPhone XS, Max (XR not possible)

iPhone X

Home Button model not available (SE series, etc.)

It looks like it’s been applied. If you look at the top right like this, you can see that the number is written on the Battery widget. The remaining battery capacity is marked like this, making it easier to use. Personally, I think it is the most important in this version of the operating system. But there is more to it than this way.

The next thing to find out about 케이티스카이라이프 가입 iPhone battery life is notifications. This notification was placed more legibly at the bottom of the existing lock screen.

Of course, the location of this notification can be specified such as the number, stack, and list, and you can focus on what you want to see, such as a separate time-designated summary function. Personally, it’s much easier to see, so it’s impressive.

Next is the wallpaper. There are more diverse backgrounds than before, and various designs such as emoticons, photo shuffles, and weather are possible. In particular, the background of the lock screen can be expressed more dynamically.

Text images such as the date and time of the lock screen can be selected. Of course, the number of handwriting is limited, but it can be expressed in various emotions. Personally, I feel like I’ve changed like Android.

You can also insert KT알뜰폰 up to four widgets. It is easy to check the main points that could only be seen by going to the home screen. Various things such as exercise, weather, alarm, calendar, and memo can be placed on the lock screen to check or recall immediately.

In addition, each wallpaper can be saved and customized. If you press the lock screen, you can change it to the background you used immediately, and at this time, it is converted to its own characteristics (notification, mode state).

It can be customized on the wallpaper, and the mode can be set on each background. If you do a specific background, you will be notified, and in certain backgrounds, interference prohibition will be turned on. These can be set up and used without a limit on the number of them.

Also, the concentration mode has become much more dynamic. Concentrated mode is activated when I am working or doing something important, that is when I don’t want to be notified of my mobile device. This mode may make an exception. Be sure to receive contact from a particular person.

In addition, the notification of the app has been exceptionally changed to be set in iOS16. Previously, there was an inconvenience of missing important things because setting the concentrated mode blocked all contact, but now it is much more useful because it can be set in detail.

Next is the change in the text app. If you send a text message to an Apple device, you can cancel the message transmission before the other person reads it. If you press the text you want to cancel in the list of messages sent, you will cancel the transmission.

If it is canceled like this, it says that the message was canceled in the text list. This function is one of the functions that I personally use very important because it is an element that many people need.

Next is the change in the camera/photo app. There is a function to recognize text from pictures. If text such as Korean and English is illuminated, it can be scanned immediately, and functions such as copying and pasting and translation are provided by recognizing the text.

In addition, it was changed to have to cancel the password to view the recently deleted photo and video items in the album app. As an element for privacy protection, you must enter FaceID, fingerprint recognition, and password to view the deletion list.

In addition, it is possible to automatically remove the background by pressing the taken photo. It can be copied and sent by Kakao Talk message, mail, or text. This function, which is provided after the iPhone iOS16 update, is quite accurate, so you don’t have to use Photoshop.

There are also some changes in the safari app. You can change the interface more freely, and you can change it to your taste by specifying a wallpaper in the settings. Safari used to be a web browser with no function, but now it has quite a variety of functions.

The following is a health app. Calorie burning and activity rings, which could only be seen on Apple Watch, can be checked immediately. Apple Watch was good to check on the same day, but it was somewhat inconvenient to check on a monthly basis, which is also an improvement.

In addition, you can set the medication you are administering and receive notifications according to the time you take it. This personal information is stable because no one can access it. You can store not only what you are actually prescribed, but also nutritional supplements.

In this way, I guided you to all the changes due to the iPhone iOS16 update and the key function, the remaining battery display. This series may not have changed innovatively, but it will be satisfied because there are many things that make use of people’s convenience.