Galaxy ZFlip3 공용휴대전화

The recently released Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 are getting a lot of positive responses For this reason, the price of Galaxy S20 Ultra, a previous generation flagship smartphone, is fluctuating among existing smartphones, is fluctuating.

sk법인폰 As soon as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was released, it was much cheaper than its predecessor and the public subsidy was set higher than expected, but on the other hand, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has been released for nearly two years, has begun to look around according to the remaining supplies.

In fact, the factory price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra was quite high at around 1.5 million won, but after its launch, the factory price continued to be lowered to around 1.14 million won (a little depending on the carrier) As telecommunication companies recently updated their public subsidies, some high-priced plans have raised them to 700,000 won.

There are probably people who still prefer bar-type smartphones to foldable phones For them, it’s also a chance to buy the latest flagship 업무폰 Galaxy S20 of the previous generation. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a model that has started a big change in camera performance and is the first model to be applied with a high-pixel camera of 100 times zoom and 108 million pixels.

I also looked at the pros and cons of using the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and unlike the previous one, the design was a bit long, and if the existing S10 was a 19:9 ratio, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was 20:9 ratio, so it got a little longer like this way. But the grip felt better when I held it in my hand.


In particular, on the left side, the volume and power combination Bixby buttons are present on the right side without any buttons.

The quality of the design has changed since this model… If the unique contour cut design was applied from the Galaxy S21, the black and gray colors of the S20 Ultra expressed it well in a luxurious, calm, and matched it well with glass materials. The induction may be a bit burdensome, but I finished it neatly. (Of course, it was a choice for the camera sensor, but I can’t help it with the design that makes the car stand out.) If you leave it on the desk, it can make a creak, so it’s better to wear a case.)

However, this attempt can magnify up to 100x with 10x hybrid optical zoom support.

Personally, those who recommend ultra models among the Galaxy S20 series are those with high camera utilization, but it is because there are many advantages in noise offset effects due to the increase in sensors, back due to networking, and out-focusing photos. Especially, Mangwon photography has a different compression feeling, so if you like photography, you can make good use of it.

The Galaxy S20 series supports 120Hz, but not with maximum resolution WQHD+, but with FHD+, you can set it up and use it, and with 120Hz, you can use your phone with a much softer feel. If you use 120Hz, you can think of the battery as running out about 10% faster. (Battery consumption is faster in games, 4K shooting, etc. than general surfing, SNS, etc., but the battery capacity is 5,000mAh, so I don’t think it’s a level where I’ll feel a lot of battery burden because it’s quite large among Galaxy phones.)

The Galaxy S20 Ultra model has a 6.9-person display, which is quite big. You can feel the difference of 0.7 inches compared to the basic model, and the difference can be felt a little bigger if you look at it in person, so you can feel much better effects in multimedia viewing such as Netflix, Watcha, and RVing.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the most frequently searched for publicly announced subsidies in Smart Choice Recently, there was a subsidy of 500,000 won to 700,000 won in a plan over 70,000 won. There is an additional 15% subsidy that you can support at your own discretion, so if you check it carefully, you can buy it at a much more attractive price.

Of course, Galaxy Z Flip 3 is also sold at such a good price that it has the charm of being the latest phone, but if you think it’s still too early for wrinkles and needs more bar phones, it would be a good choice.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the basic model is much better than the Galaxy S20 series, but I think the ultra model is a good choice if you have high camera utilization and like to take pictures. Even if the price is good, you don’t have to over-buy it, so I think it would be a good choice if you consider the usability and choose it.