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Anjali Mehta ( Neha Mehta ) will be soon replaced by Sunanya Fozdar Confirmed by TMKOC

August 27, 2020

TV actress Sunanya Fozdar will soon join the hit Indian comedy show, TMKOC ( Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma ). Anjali Mehta will be replaced by Sunanya Fozdar.

Speaking to TOI ( Times of India ), Sunanya said in the interview that she wished that fans of Neha ( Anjali Mehta ) will accept and like her as they like Neha. She also said that “Genuinely, this feeling is yet not sinking in. Everyone including me is very excited that it is a big show, I mean many of us have grown up watching it.

But I am going through some other feelings right now. Shailesh Lodha Ji ( Taarak Mehta ) and everyone else has been a part of the show for more than 10 years now, genuinely, there is a bit of excitement, pleasure, and mixed emotions. The feeling that I am going to be a part of this show has not still sunken in. I am a little bit stressed more than I hope people like me.

Even the previous Anjali is known as Neha Mehta, was on the show for more than 10 years so it’s not like I am replacing a new character. I want Neha’s fans to accept and like me and I know it is going to be a bit challenging. I believe that it’s a duty. I am unable to digest the fact that I am part of this TMKOC show”.

Neha was part of the TMKOC show since the show was started on 28 July 2008. On Tuesday, she finally declared her departure or retirement from the TMKOC show by a social media post. She captioned in the post “Hello everyone, and thank you for everything. I’ve worked 12 amazing years at this marvelous show, and I am forever grateful for the wonderful career I’ve had with TMKOC.

To my amazing honored Asit Kumar Modi Ji ( producer of TMKOC ), tmkoc whole team, my co-stars, I appreciate the hard work you’ve done completing some of our beautiful journeys. I’ve never had so much fun before. I am so glad to be part of this show, but I will miss the inspiration of the work and kindness of such brilliant colleagues. Thank you again and all the best for the future. The show must go on”.

Sunanya Fozdar has already done a shot for an episode of TMKOC. She Said “Sailesh Ji has been very supportive and sweet because my first scene of the show was with him. Our director was also supportive and asked me to relax and have fun. But, yes I am still feeling some pressure because Neha was so good and people love her, now I have to make sure that people love me too. She has been part of the show and I hardly have been part of this show for 12 hours. So, there is some pressure but with it, I believe I’ll get certain energy to prove my talent”.