In the second half of 2021, Samsung replaced the seat of the Note Series that everyone looked forward to with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3. It was very sensational, and as soon as it was released, it became very popular. But There was also Samsung’s most popular smartphone model released around the same time.
As soon as it was released, it became as popular as foldable. It’s the Galaxy A52S 5G model. Thus, Samsung significantly increased overall sales through three models in the second half of 2021.
The Galaxy A52S 5G is an intermediate model with a factory price of 500,000 won. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a large number of practical functions comparable to the flagship, and it is so popular that it is showing a complete shortage of Samsung Dotcom standards as above.

I bought a mobile carrier phone as a gift to my mother, and I will introduce the purchase route at the bottom.
The Galaxy A52S is a little different from the flagship model from the package design. The grade and performance of the product seem to be applied to the box packaging as it is. This thick means providing a charger as a basic component. It hasn’t been long since it’s been changed to a slim like Fold 3.
But on the other hand, it is very inconsistent. For the environmentally friendly package configuration, we decided not to provide chargers, but even though they were sold during the same period, we provide chargers because they are intermediate.

Anyway, the components are the main smartphone, charger, A to C cable, SIM pin, and manual. The A to C cable, although it provides it? It means that the specifications of the charger itself are low. As I checked, it (also) supports charging at a speed of 9V*1.67A up to 15W. Of course, this is enough.

The features of the Galaxy A52S 5G kt법인폰 are printed on the front display sticker. Of course, it is a 5G phone, and OIS is applied to the 64MP (64 million pixels) main wide-angle camera. Even though it’s low-end? It also supports IP67 grade waterproof dustproof.

Also, the front protective film is attached as a default.
The colors are Awesome White, Black, and Violet. I bought it with my mother’s filial piety phone, so I bought it with a pastel-toned light purple impressive violet. The real thing is almost the same as the picture. It’s a slightly brighter color than light purple. It’s a color that looks like a mixture of one or two drops of light purple paint on a white background.
Excellent Snapdragon 778G.

The Galaxy A52S already had an A52 model that had been previously full-body. It was released on January 21 but only existed in overseas versions. The delay in the release of the domestic version was about six months to create a shortage of semiconductors and high completeness.

The key difference between the Galaxy A52 and A52S is the AP. It became the Galaxy A52S by upgrading from the Galaxy A52 equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 750G to the Snapdragon 778G. For reference, Snapdragon 750G and 778G have a difference in performance over one generation.

It shows a pleasant feeling of use according to the specifications. You can tell right away by just touching it a few times during the initial setting. Watching all touches proceed immediately without delay, I think I realized once again why they are so popular.

While I was at it, I enjoyed Battleground mobile for a while. Even though it is set to HDR high-definition mode, it shows a very smooth movement. Snapdragon 778G is Qualcomm’s 700th AP. However, the game performance also confirmed that it is a high-level AP that spans between 700 and 800 units.
It even supports a 120Hz high injection rate. It’s very soft. It’s a really useful function that goes without saying. It is also very practical because it has a high scanning rate of 120Hz, which is enjoyed with a 6.5-inch large screen super AMOLED display supporting HDR10 and a combination of Snapdragon 778GAP.

RAM is the default LPDDR4X6GB. It is relatively pleasant in a way that adds only 4GB RAM Plus, or virtual RAM.
128GB of built-in memory is UFS 2.1 standard. There is a clear difference between LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1’s flagship 법인핸드폰. But the price is a gangster. If you purchase it for a filial piety phone like me, you can expect sufficient performance over the next two to three years.

On the other hand, a 123-degree ultra-wide-angle camera allows you to take a cool picture of a wide landscape, and a close-up camera supports a fairly interesting level of ultra-close shooting. As you can see, it captures even small details. In addition, depth cameras help control depth in portrait photos.
As such, the composition of the rear camera is generally ‘satisfaction’. But there’s more. I’m also very satisfied with the front camera. 32MP high-resolution selfies draw considerable levels. The hole is also small, so it doesn’t significantly damage the design of the front display.

Following IP67 waterproof dustproof, it is equipped with a 4,500 mAh high-capacity battery that supports Samsung Pay and 25W charging speed. The only regrettable thing is that the Galaxy A52S does not support wireless charging.
Dex is not supported along with wireless charging, and all AP/RAM/display panels used parts one level below the flagship. In other words, the price was lowered while emphasizing practical aspects, and eventually, it had proper specifications and appearance with the positions of kids’ phones, filial piety phones, and sub 법인휴대폰.